Three internationally renowned sculptors, all members of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, have been selected to create three original public sculptures over a three-week period, 9-27 November 2015. Their innovative pieces will celebrate Anguilla's culture, history and beauty.


Born in Fürstenau in North West Germany, Tebbenhoff came to England and studied Ceramics at the Sir John Cass School of Art. She lives and works in London. Inspired by process, Tebbenhoff is fascinated by the way objects of beauty and intrigue can emerge from industrial processes like cutting and welding steel. Constantly seeking to balance opposing forces and create new harmonies, she finds inspiration in the natural world and in astronomical space. She has exhibited widely across the UK and Europe and her work is included in a variety of collections, including the Library of Leicester University, the Cass Sculpture Foundation and the Goodwood Estate.


Alexandra Harley’s dynamic sculptures capture and conjure a sense of movement and animation in non-kinetic sculpture. Working predominantly in wood and stone, Harley produces lively and robust carved constructions with a rich variety of textures. Based in London, Alexandra Harley studied at Central St. Martins and Wimbledon School of Art. She exhibits regularly internationally and has participated in numerous residencies and symposia across Europe and the US.

Jon Barlow Hudson 

Jon Barlow Hudson creates public sculpture, private sculpture installations and corporate sculpture environments world-wide. He is particularly sensitive to designing for compatibility with the architectural context, environmental ambience and thematic requirements of the sculpture project, resulting in unique works that transform their situation. His influences range from molecular structures to Zen Buddhism. Hudson earned an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts and has exhibited across the US, UK, Europe, China and Japan. An internationally renowned artist, he has installed public sculpture projects in 23 countries around the world.