Sculpture Unveiled at Anguilla’s Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport

On 2 November, End Polio Now, an impressive work in Native Anguilla Stone by renowned British artist Alexandra Harley MRBS, was publicly unveiled at Anguilla’s Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport through the kind generosity and efforts of the Rotary Club of Anguilla.

Honoured guests included Ian Riseley, President-Elect of Rotary International—the first time a President or President Elect of the worldwide Rotary International organization has visited Anguilla—and Robert Leger, District Governor Elect of Rotary District 7020 (Rotary Club of Les Cayes) and their respective wives, Julie Riseley and Rosa Leger. Prestigious representatives of the Anguillian governmentMr. Perin Bradley, Hon. Deputy Governor; Mr. Evans McNeil Rogers, Hon. Minister of Social Development; and Mr. Carlton Pickering, Vice-President of the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industryalso joined us for this monumental occasion.

Harley carved End Polio Now last November at the First Anguilla Sculpture Symposium, the first event of its kind in the Caribbean. When the Rotary Club of Anguilla suggested the "end polio" theme to Ms. Harley, she embraced it with her characteristic passion. She studied the disease, including photomicrographs of the virus and the vaccine, and conceived a symbology that follows the DNA visual of the polio vaccination.

This work draws attention to the on-going fight against polio in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. For decades Rotary International has led the struggle to eradicate this disease. Only our vigilance, and continued vaccination of potential victims, will keep it from spreading. To learn more, and how you can help, please visit,