School trips

Is art a vanity pursuit of bored individuals with no ambition to do something more useful for the general welfare of the community, for their neighbors? Or is artistic expression a fundamental human quality that is shared by all people, save a few jaded and unhappy souls who should be pitied? Are not the youngest of children attracted to beautiful things?  Do you not feel a sense of gratification upon beholding things of beauty, natural or man-made? Do you believe in the transformative power of art? We at the FASS do believe.


Is quarrying stone for sculpture, or native stone tiles for that matter, raping the Earth, and ecologically unsound? Incredible as it may seem, some who should clearly know better have suggested so. Yet marble, granite, limestone, all kinds of stone, have been quarried by human civilizations for eons and used to beautify their world with expressions of their creativity that we continue to admire today.


This Sculpture Symposium was undertaken at great effort and expense to inspire and encourage young and old, especially those with latent talent, and awaken in them the consciousness of what they might do, and the desire to do it, to create, using the tools and resources around them.  Artists and galleries across the island, and even in neighboring St. Martin, were excited by the coming of this event, the first art event in too many years in Anguilla, and specifically the first art event of its kind anywhere in the Caribbean.


Art teachers from all the islands’ schools were invited to bring their classes to the worksite in order that the students can see the work the sculptors were doing, and to ask them about their work, their careers their art. The turn out was very satisfying to us. Our only regret is that the workshop we had planned had to be cancelled because the tools that had been ordered well in advance were back-ordered by the supplier and did not arrive on island in time.


Visit our Facebook page. We have just posted photos taken by our photographer, KSharp and some by the Director too. All three sculptors were very pleased by the interest shown by students and teachers alike in the work they were doing.