From November 9th to 27th three internationally renowned sculptors, all members of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, wielded their chisels, hammers and 9-inch power grinders, and the First Anguilla Sculpture Symposium - the first sculpture symposium in the Caribbean - became a reality. 

This select group of artists created unique public sculptures that are destined to remain on permanent public display on Anguilla . This event, which was free and open to the public, offered visitors the unique opportunity to learn first-hand about public art, and to watch the artists in action as they transformed raw limestone blocks into imaginative, original pieces inspired by the island’s culture, history, and natural beauty.

The Symposium is very proud to say that it also had a significant educational impact on Anguilla. As part of this three-week event, school groups from all the campuses of the secondary school, and from all the elementary schools, public and private, of Anguilla, came to the worksite and met with the artists. They talked to them, asked them questions, and, in a few instances, took advantage of the sculptors' offers to pick up a hammer and chisel and chip away at the stone. The interaction was exciting for all. It left a good impression on teachers and students alike.

This is Anguilla's First Sculpture Symposium, and we hope it will not be the last. 2017 is a very special year, the Golden Jubilee of Anguilla's Revolution. A Sculpture Symposium is an excellent way to honor the men, women and, yes, even children, the heroes, who took part in this momentous event of Anguillian history.